Left-handed hotel experience: Loch Erne Resort in Northern Ireland launches package catered to left-handers

Left-handed hotel experience: Loch Erne Resort in Northern Ireland launches package catered to left-handers

A five-star resort in Northern Ireland has launched a luxury package aimed at just a small segment of the population.

During April, left-handers can book a special stay at Loch Erne Resort, with rooms “specially created with their needs in mind”.

The Left Handed April Experience features an overnight stay in the Fermanagh Lakelands, a five-course dinner in the Catalina restaurant and a lakeside breakfast, all “adapted” to meet the needs of lefties.

Countryside rooms, lodges and suites have been rearranged and place settings and table service shifted to accommodate those who are left-handed – accounting for around 10 per cent of the UK population.

The subtle table changes include placing glasses and knives on the left side for ease as guests “normally use a knife with their dominant hand”.

Deputy general manager Helen McCune said: “At Lough Erne Resort, we feel it is important to cater to all guests and their specific needs. It’s time to celebrate left-handed people and to raise awareness of some of the experiences many of them face in a world imagined largely with right-handed people in mind.

“Our newly created experience has been developed to ensure a luxury left-hand experience at our resort.”

The property lists Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama and Prince William as left-handers who could be looking for a special touch when they choose to visit a luxury hotel.

Stays in the left-inclined spaces start from £329, with access to the spa and self-guided walks around Loch Erne’s 600 acres available to those booking the April-only deal.

Included in the offer are items “designed for left-handed people”, such as a pen, notebook and card game for guests to enjoy.

Guests can also upgrade the package to include a left-handed golf lesson from golf professional Damian Mooney or hit the green for a round of left-handed golf on the Faldo Course, a championship golf course designed by Sir Nick Faldo.

While it may seem like a late April Fool’s Day joke, when The Independent called the County Fermanagh resort – host of the G8 summit in 2013 – staff confirmed it was true, and that they “won’t be checking if people are actually left-handed” – adding that “it’s just a bit of fun”.

Ms McCune said Loch Erne hopes that left-handed guests “appreciate our foresight and attention to detail” in the package designed to “elevate their experience”.

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