OneBefore launches travel insurance product on Aneevo’s broker platform

OneBefore launches travel insurance product on Aneevo’s broker platform

Specialist managing general agent (MGA) OneBefore has launched its travel insurance product, ‘Beyond Travel Insurance’ on Aneevo, the travel insurance broker distribution platform formerly known as Just Travel Cover wholesale.

Travel mapBeyond Travel Insurance will benefit UK residents as it offers comprehensive coverage for those travelling domestically and internationally, including cover for pre-existing medical conditions while abroad and conditions awaiting treatment or diagnosis.

Partnering with Aneevo, Vered Lobel, CEO of OneBefore noted, facilitates the instant and mass distribution of OneBefore’s new product to hundreds of UK insurance brokers.

He added: “We believe Beyond Travel Insurance provides these brokers with a quality product to strengthen their offering to their customers.

“In just three months, we’ve been able to launch a new product on the Aneevo broker distribution platform. Available now, this rapid launch was made possible thanks to the collaborative approach of the OneBefore and Aneevo teams.”

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Daley Gore, Managing Director of Aneevo said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with OneBefore and adding a new insurer to our panel.

“The new scheme is now live across all of our broker partners, putting them in a strong position ahead of the peak summer period to cater for more risks with access to a wider selection of products for their clients.”

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