Retirees duped out of hundreds of dollars by 3rd-party travel company

Retirees duped out of hundreds of dollars by 3rd-party travel company

PHOENIX (KPHO/Gray News) – An Arizona couple says a travel company they didn’t know they were using has cost them hundreds of dollars.

Judy Overmeyer and her husband Michael are enjoying their retirement life in San Tan Valley.

However, the one activity they long for is spending time with their numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of whom live out of state.

So, they contacted Southwest Airlines and booked a trip to Salt Lake City to see family in June. The cost of the airfare was $719.

But something unexpected came up, and they had to reschedule their June flight to July.

The Overmeyers then went online, and after searching for Southwest Airlines’ phone number, they called to change their flight.

However, Judy Overmeyer said she was charged $851 on top of the $719 original fare for the change.

“I can’t tell you how I feel because I’m not allowed to say those words on air,” she said.

The $851 purchase wasn’t from Southwest Airlines but from a company called PCM Travels.

As it turns out, when Judy Overmeyer and her husband typed Southwest Airlines into a search engine looking for the reservation number, they mistakenly landed on PCM Travels.

An online consumer advocate called PCM Travels to show how easily people can get fooled. During the conversation, the advocate asked if he was calling Southwest Airlines. The representative replied that he called Southwest Airlines’ consolidated desk.

Judy Overmeyer said she didn’t realize she was dealing with PCM Travels until this report from Arizona’s Family.

Arizona’s Family also contacted PCM Travels. The company shared that it is a legitimate third-party travel company that offers convenience for travelers who don’t want to wait on hold for airline carriers.

After explaining the situation, PCM Travels refunded $500 to the Overmeyers but not the entire $851.

Representatives with the company said they didn’t see anything incorrect with the booking and were under no legal obligation to make a refund but did so because of Michael Overmeyer’s military service.

The Overmeyers said they’ll be more careful when searching for phone numbers online and are grateful to get some of their money returned from the ordeal.

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