Start Your New Year Right With These Items Bringing Us Joy

Start Your New Year Right With These Items Bringing Us Joy

We’re feeling quite optimistic for 2022 and we’re sharing some of our top favorite items that are simply making the start of our new year easier and more pleasing!

Sustainable and Stylish Luggage

Paravel is my all-time favorite luggage for so many reasons. It stands out among the luggage crowd (and the basic luggage that everyone has in the airports) with its stylish and unique colors and the best part? They’re sustainable and so incredibly well-made.

Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make, and we do our part in the fight against climate change by focusing on three key issues: reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, incorporating upcycled and eco-certified materials throughout every product detail, and planting trees in depleted ecosystems.

Beast Blender + Hydration System

The sharpest looking, design forward blender that you won’t want to hide away in your cabinet. Stay hydrated before your next flight with the gorgeous Beast Blender + Hydration System. Super easy to use, blends beautifully (and quietly!) and is definitely  for the aesthetically pleasing type! You won’t find another blender out there like it on the market.

Multi-Purpose Bag on Wheels by Hulken

The Hulken is my favorite reusable bag for running errands before big trips. It’s especially useful for though who live in cities, without a car and the look of it is so chic. It is lightweight, durable and folds flat for easy storage. The bag is equipped with tough wheels and unbreakable handles so you can easily roll up to 66 pounds!

Kinto Travel Tumbler

The Kinto Travel Tumbler is designed for people who lead a conscious and flexible lifestyle. I love this vacuum insulated tumbler. which has great heat and cold retention, and maintains the aroma and flavor of drinks for a long time. It’s also sleek and easy to travel with.

Lele Sadoughi Headbands

The prettiest headbands out there are are made by designer, Lele Sadoughi. The gorgeous headbands save us on the days we wake up in a foreign place, jetlagged but want to still want to look cute. Check out their many beautiful designs here.



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