SunExpress flight boarded by police after ‘unruly passenger’ forces emergency landing

SunExpress flight boarded by police after ‘unruly passenger’ forces emergency landing

A SunExpress flight from the UK to Turkey was forced to divert for an emergency landing in Serbia after an “unruly passenger” became disruptive mid-flight.

Flight XQ505 from Manchester to Dalaman made the diversion to Belgrade, Serbia to be met by local police on Tuesday evening (9 April).

Three hours into the Turkey-bound flight, cabin crew on board decided to divert the plane while flying over Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Video footage of the disruption taken by a fellow passenger shows a man and woman pointing and yelling at each other to “sit down” and “f*** off”.

In later clips, the man can be seen standing up in the aisle and restrained on the floor of the plane’s galley before his arrest.

The SunExpress plane had departed the northern aviation hub at 7.30pm before making the detour to land over 700 miles from its final Dalaman destination at 10.30pm.

A short time later, the flight continued its intended journey to the southwestern coast of Turkey.

The details of the passenger’s behaviour have not yet been revealed by authorities.

A spokesperson for SunExpress said: “Our flight XQ505, which was scheduled from Manchester to Dalaman on 9th April, had to divert to Belgrade due to an unruly passenger. Upon arrival, the passenger was removed from the aircraft by local police and the aircraft continued to Dalaman after the passenger’s disembarkation.

“The safety and security of our passengers and crew is of the highest priority to SunExpress.”

It’s not the first time this year an in-flight argument has forced an emergency landing.

In March, a United Airlines flight from London to NewarkNew Jersey, was forced to divert to Bangor, in the US state of Maine, because of an ‘intoxicated’ boyfriend arguing with his partner.

Two passengers were removed and one of them was detained and charged with assault and interfering with a flight crew, according to court documents.

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