The best seat and row for sleeping on an aeroplane – Travel News

The best seat and row for sleeping on an aeroplane – Travel News

If there’s one seat you should select when flying, whether it be long or short haul — experts say make sure it’s this one. Words by Alexandra Klausner.

Don’t leave your sleep up in the air. Here’s a window into where to get the best rest on a plane, according to travel experts who spoke to the Huffington Post. 

They agree that the window seat is the place to be. One major reason the window seat is a great place to get shut-eye is that you won’t be woken up by passengers who need to climb over you to go to the bathroom.Another perk of sitting by the window is you’re able to use the wall as a place to lean your head or body.

“No one likes the middle seat for obvious reasons, and the window allows me to entertain myself and a better opportunity to sleep,” Gabby Beckford, founder of the travel site Packs Light said.

The best window seat on the plane is the one by the wings, according to another expert.

Window seat. Source: iStock

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“As someone with a fear of flying, I always prefer the window seat above the wings,” travel blogger Sean Lau explained. “I recently learned that this spot is usually the smoothest due to its proximity to the plane’s centre of gravity. Being able to manage the window shade and having the opportunity to glance outside for reassurance comforts me.”

Sitting at the front of the plane will also give flyers a less bumpy ride, which could help people sleep more uninterrupted. If you want to snooze, avoid the airplane’s caboose.

In addition to experiencing more turbulence, the back of the plane is also where the bathroom is and people using the toilet throughout the flight could impact your slumber.

Aisle seat. Source: iStock

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“I avoid the last couple of rows on the plane, as it offers the roughest ride,” Lau said. “You’ll also have to deal with noise from the passengers using the lavatory. The last row on the plane may not always recline.”

If you like legroom when you sleep, the exit row will give that to you, although you may not be able to recline your seat. 

And of course, first-class seating on flights allows travellers the most room and therefore an easier time to stretch out and sleep — although if people can’t afford to sit in first-class or business, following the aforementioned tips could be beneficial.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post. It has been published here with permission.

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