United States Restricts Travel To Israel For Employees

United States Restricts Travel To Israel For Employees

The United States has restricted travel to Israel for its employees amid fears of a retaliatory attack by Iran.

Iran has vowed to take revenge for Israel’s strike on its consulate in Syria a week ago.

Both Israel and Iran are stepping up efforts to keep a closer look on each other’s defense infrastructure after an Israeli attack killed key commanders in Syria.

The United States embassy in Israel warned employees against travel outside the greater Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Beersheba areas fearing terrorist attacks.

Iran Threatens Attack

US President Joe Biden recently claimed to have knowledge of a potential attack by Iran against Israel.

Experts believe Iran could launch a significant missile attack against both Israel and the US interests in the region, significantly escalating the already catastrophic war in Gaza.

Erik Kurilla, the commander responsible for US operations in the Middle East also traveled to Israel to assess the security situation in the region.

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