What to do if you have booked flight tickets?

What to do if you have booked flight tickets?

As India recently released a travel advisory asking citizens to refrain from travelling to Israel and Iran, tourists who have already booked tickets are wondering how to go about it. The advisory was issued in the light of the ongoing tensions in the region. Those who have booked tickets to these countries can consider the following:

1) Get in touch with your airline: Contact your travel agent or airline through which the flight tickets were booked. If your tickets are not refundable, the airline can give you options to reschedule the ticket or rebook the ticket. In certain special circumstances, refunds can also be processed. Your travel provider can help raise the requests for the same.

2) Review your travel insurance provisions: Check your travel insurance policy to see what it says about coverage for trip cancellations due to a government-issued travel ban. There can be provisions for reimbursement and you can file to claim it, especially in the case of non-refundable tickets or expenses.

3) Alternative destination: If the advisory hasn’t given a ’till’ date, the ban can last for a long time. If you don’t want to waste your time or planned leaves, consider other destinations, consulting with your agent or other online resources. Be as flexible as possible with the arrangements, dates and routes too, if your priority is getting a good vacation.

4) Monitor developments: Keep updating yourself on the developments around the ban. Be it its duration, implications, special arrangements or exceptions, check the website of the Ministry of External Affairs to get correct details and updates. 

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