Why Road Trips Could Be a Better Option In 2022

Why Road Trips Could Be a Better Option In 2022

The global pandemic has caused a lot of changes to the way we travel, from tougher travel restrictions to a higher frequency of flight cancellations.

With this new reality, more people are turning towards exploring the natural beauty of their homeland instead.

While some still prefer a trip on a cruise or plane, there’s no denying that filling up your car’s gas tank and getting lost in your own turf can be just as exhilarating.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s shift gears into reasons why taking a road trip could be the perfect way to take advantage of your free time in 2022.

You can explore places within your own city.

Think about it: have you truly explored all the attractions of your own city?

Many locals often take their town’s beauty for granted. Whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a suburban area, then you’ll probably have dozens of places just a few hours away that is still worth exploring.

For example, Sydney residents can enjoy strolling past a discreet alleyway known as Angel Place—a fascinating street adorned with hanging, empty birdcages hanging overhead.

If you’re in the mood to cool off for the summer, Bronte Baths near Bronte Beach is just a 20-minute car ride (or a 40-minute ride by bus) from the Central Business District and offers a fabulous ocean rock pool with an immaculate and unobstructed view of the clear ocean.

While the allure of travel is the discovery of new things, it’s still nice to look back and say that you’ve captured the essence of your own city.

You can learn more about your country.

If you’ve stayed in one place for most of your life, it’s about time for you to head outdoors and explore the great wilderness.

Travelling allows you to experience your country’s culture up close and personal.

From the friendly smiles of the locals to the picturesque views you can capture, you can experience a wide range of cultures without even stepping foot off your own soil.

For example, Australia can give you a taste of nature’s bounty by allowing you to go to the Great Barrier Reef where you can dive with turtles and seahorses; or experience iconic creatures in Kakadu National Park.

Best of all? There are countless destinations speckled around Australia, so there’s certainly more to discover even if you’ve lived here for most of your life.

You’re in control of where you’re going.

In a foreign country, you’re at the mercy of locals who may or may not speak your first language, a rigid itinerary, and limited time.

While the fun is in overcoming these things, it can also make for a rather stressful experience if you come unprepared.

With a road trip, however, you have the luxury of being able to choose where you’ll stay and eat based on your own preferences. You can even consider taking a break and appreciating the view of a scenic place if your heart desires.

You can even choose to rig the vehicle that you use to get you to your destination, converting it to a mini-camper with the help of tents, sleeping bags, and even equipment to cook your own food.

While road trips are indeed liberating, you’re not invincible to accidents. Get your vehicle repaired to minimise the risk of any future problems.

You won’t break bank.

As you likely already know, holidays tend to drain our pockets faster than we’d like. From the accommodations to the flight tickets, exploring other parts of the world can be costly.

Road trips, on the other hand, are cheap and hassle-free. Sure, you’ll have to pay for gas and some gear and tools prior to the trip, but they’re usually much less expensive compared to regular holidays. And chances are, you already have spare flashlights and a pair of hiking boots at home.

On top of saving on accommodation, you can easily make use of free amenities or reserve a camping site beforehand too. Some may even serve water and stoves, which can help you save even more cash for your next trip.

You can pack anything in a truck.

When you’re travelling overseas, what you can fit in your luggage is usually one of the biggest concerns.

If you overpack for a trip abroad, you’ll have to pay an extra fee or leave behind some of your belongings at the airport, which can be a real pain.

However, if you’re driving around with a large vehicle like a truck, then you’re free to bring anything you choose without any limits.

You can get back in touch with nature.

Road trips allow you to discover the beauty of Mother Nature without having to break the bank on hotel rooms and pricey meals. It’s often just you, your friends, and your vehicle.

The best part is you can curate your destination any way you like.

Do you enjoy sitting by the beach and reading a book while the water laps at your toes?

You may like the idea of adventuring in Jervis Bay, Esperance, or the Margaret River.

Or do you prefer hiking through dense forests or soaking in the view of an open field?

Grampians National Park, the Flinders Ranges, the Blue Mountains, and Daintree National Park may be preferable options.

Seriously, just bring a tent, some camping equipment, food, and your car—and you’re well on your way to enjoying the magnificent sights of the countryside.


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