Why Use a Travel Agent? – Spotlight News

Why Use a Travel Agent? – Spotlight News

We sat down with AAA Hudson Valley Travel Agents and asked them all about why working with a Travel Agent is valuable.

Here’s what they said:

What are the goals of a AAA Travel Agent?

Our job is to plan and arrange tour packages for leisure and business travel worldwide. We spend time reserving, booking and ticketing air travel, in addition to providing hotel and car rental services at the best available cost. A big part of our job is keeping up-to-date with travel industry trends, changes and news, as well as listening to our clients’ preferences and requirements. Our main goal is to help with as many aspects of their trips as possible. We love seeing the excitement on their faces, hearing about the trips they’ve taken, and working with them on future adventures.

Why does working one-on-one with a Travel Agent make a difference when booking a trip?

It makes a world of difference. We advocate for our clients, and they always have someone in their corner to handle the planning or unexpected changes. This takes away the overwhelming stress that you feel after spending hours at your computer. We are experienced in airline schedule changes, country entry requirements, etc. What happens if you have a schedule change to your flights and they bump your seat assignments- did you even notice?  It’s the little things, as well as those big things, that you may or may not be versed to handle. We listen to what our clients want, and make it a personal goal to help them achieve their travel dream. With the ability to book everything online now, it makes the experience feel so impersonal. It feels good for our clients to have someone to reach out to any time there is a question.

What types of exclusive benefits are available to AAA Members who book with the agency?

When booking with AAA preferred suppliers, clients can receive discounts and perks, like reduced costs on packages and discounted vouchers for excursions, plus additional onboard credit when a cruise is booked. We have an extensive portfolio for land packages, escorted tours and Flexible Independent Travel (FIT) suppliers.

Now the fun stuff! In your opinions, what are some of the most underrated vacation destinations?

In the states, Savannah, Georgia, is usually overlooked in favor of other southern cities like Charleston and Nashville. Savannah is equally charming. Further south into Central America, Costa Rica has so much to offer any type of traveler and it’s a short flight (or two) away from the Albany area. Costa Rica offers the beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts on Guanacaste. It’s just an all-around adventurous destination! Then, of course, across the Atlantic is Alberobello, Italy. Alberobello on the southeastern part of Italy is a fairytale town known for its Trulli (round whitewashed houses). It’s also a UNESCO heritage site!

Want to get the AAA Travel treatment when booking your next trip? Contact a AAA Hudson Valley Travel Agent and start planning today! Call 518-426-1000 or email [email protected].

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