Balenciaga ‘The Lost Tapes’ Collection Finally Revealed

Balenciaga ‘The Lost Tapes’ Collection Finally Revealed

For weeks, Balenciaga have been been giving us small snippets of a so-called The Lost Tapes collection. Now, they have finally revealed the collection and it’s the ultimate 90’s throwback.

Balenciaga has completely wiped their Instagram, and dedicated it completely to The Lost Tapes.

The most recent preview we got was an analog interview of Cathy Horyn, Ester Canadas and Susanne Bartsch discussing the show, praising the collection.

This theme was referenced in the show’s direction by Harmony Korine, who released a short note expounding on The Lost Note concept. The note reads, “Hi, I found this. I made it for you many years ago. I finally found it.”

”It recalls a time when clothing that was alive with raw ideas—anti-fashion, deconstruction, and monochromatic minimalism—could be found anywhere from an industry spectacle to the active underground,” Balenciaga explains.

Hypebeast writes “To achieve this ambition, creative director Demna — who announced he would now be known by only his first name — mixed historic motifs with new silhouettes.”

“This includes a bell-shaped parka combined with travel pillow, trench coats crossed with bathrobes and a three-piece silhouette constructed from five-pocket jeans. Throughout the collection, tailoring is deconstructed, underwear waistbands are shown and wrap closures are finished with oversized safety pins and other DIY-style fastenings.”

The collection completely encapsulates the 90’s, with obvious inspiration from pop culture like The Matrix, as well as pieces like alien-esque sunglasses which convey the childish whimsy of 90’s fashion, tapping into the style currency of nostalgia we all seem to be obsessed with.

It combines the sharp edge of the 90’s, think Naomi Campbell and Gianni Versace, with humour and joy, much the same as the way we feel when we think of our 90’s childhood.

The full The Lost Tapes show can be viewed here.

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