Daily Wire Uses Jussie Smollett To Paint White People As Victims

Daily Wire Uses Jussie Smollett To Paint White People As Victims

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is now trying to formally codify the Neo-Nazi ‘hate crimes against white people’ meme by using the Smollett case as justification.

After the verdict came in, Walsh said, “It was not just a hoax or scam – and it was both of those things/”

Which is it, a hoax, scam or none of the above?

“But it was also anti-white hate crime,” Walsh claimed.

Matt Walsh then tried to rewrite the definition of what a hate crime is to justify his nonsense.

“So, Jussie Smollett’s hoax was an attack on white people in general. White conservatives especially,” he whined.

Aggrieved white people get aggrieved even more.

Walsh did admit it was a ploy in his contract negotiations, which is obviously the reason Smollett did it. But bygones…

He claimed Jussie’s main motivation was being “anti-White.”

“It was meant to reinforce the worst stereotypes about white people, white men, white conservatives,” he said.

He actually has created subsets of whiteness with that claim. Not just white people, but white men, and the still smaller white conservatives. Think of it as a white supremacy Venn diagram.

Let’s get real now. Being a racist, white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, is not a f**king stereotype, it’s what they are.

F*cking a-hole. But hey! Getting all those page views on Facebook by white supremacists sure has fueled the Ben Shapiro operation.

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