Ben Whishaw Is Unsatisfied With His Gay ‘James Bond’ Character

Ben Whishaw Is Unsatisfied With His Gay ‘James Bond’ Character

Actor Ben Whishaw has admitted that he was left unsatisfied by the reveal in No Time To Die that his James Bond character is a gay man.

Speaking in a new interview with The Guardian, Whishaw said he was disappointed that more wasn’t done to explore his characters sexuality after it was revealed in No Time To Day that Q is a gay man.

“I think I thought, ‘Are we doing this, and then doing nothing with it?’ I remember, perhaps, feeling that was unsatisfying,” he said.

“For whatever reason, I didn’t pick it apart with anybody on the film. Maybe on another kind of project I would have done?”

“But it’s a very big machine. I thought a lot about whether I should question it. Finally, I didn’t. I accepted this was what was written. And I said the lines. And it is what it is,” he added.

Despite not being satisfied with the reveal, Whishaw noted that the screenwriters were coming from a “good place” when deciding to make Q a gay man.

“I suppose I don’t feel it was forced upon the studio. That was not my impression of how this came about. I think it came from a good place,” he said.

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