Channing Tatum Has Considered Quitting Acting

Channing Tatum Has Considered Quitting Acting

Channing Tatum has revealed that he once took the time to reflect on his time in the industry and what the future holds for him.

Tatum is back in the acting game with upcoming movies Dog and The Lost City. 

The 41-year-old stars alongside Sandra Bullock in the latter, to be in theatres this year.

But his break from acting was almost a permanent one, as he recently revealed to Variety.

“Do I want to act anymore?” he questioned himself. “Was I going to direct? Do I want to be in the industry anymore? I got lucky. I won a creative lottery ticket.

“I made a little bit of money, so I could take a step back and figure out what life is.”

In his downtime, Tatum tried his hand at other artistic routes. “I really took time off,” said the star. “I sculpted. I took pictures. I wrote my own stuff, not like a script or anything. Just creating on different levels.

“I wanted to take a breather,” he adds.

The Lost City – which also stars Daniel Radcliffe – is in theatres March 2022. But Dog will be available first, due for release in February.

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