Dan Snyder Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

Dan Snyder Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has denied inappropriately touching a female employee at a work dinner. 

A group of former Washington Commanders employees was in D.C. on Thursday to speak with the House Committee on oversight and reform as part of their investigation into misconduct at the football club.

One of the employees Tiffani Johnson, a former cheerleader, claimed Snyder touched her inner thigh under table as well as her lower back during a team dinner. She also claimed he had tried to convince to get into his limo on the same night.

Melanie Coburn, who also worked as a cheerleader, claimed Snyder hand-picked women to join the team solely based on their looks.

“While past conduct at the Team was unacceptable, the allegations levelled against me personally in today’s roundtable – many of which are well over 13 years old – are outright lies,” Snyder said in a statement to TMZ, responding to the allegations.

“I unequivocally deny having participated in any such conduct, at any time and with respect to any person,” he added.

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