Grimes Drops New Demo On Tiktok

Grimes Drops New Demo On Tiktok

Musician Grimes has taken the very Gen-Z approach to promoting her new music and dropped a demo, Digital Calypso, on TikTok.

Sharing the demo with her followers “just for fun”, Grimes says that she wrote, produced and engineered the track alone.

It also draws inspiration from The Odyssey, with lyrics such as: “I could be your Hades and you could be my Persephone.”

She is sat in her house, looking very pre-Elon Grimes.

Grimes has also recently dropped her first single with AI band NPC in November.

In the clip, she suggests that she’s enjoyed making the demo alone amid working on an album with other musicians.

“It’s nice to remind myself I can do it by myself,” she explains, adding that she’s supposed to be working on promoting her latest single, “Player of Games”.

“I think ima retire from music, let it be my hobby, start doing tech schemes,” she claims in another caption, stating her desire to “get back indie ASAP and release everything I want whenever”.

You can watch the clip here.

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