Chuck Schumer As The Grinch Who Steals GOP Christmas

Chuck Schumer As The Grinch Who Steals GOP Christmas

Ha, ha! Merry Christmas, Senate Republicans! Hope you enjoy last-minute travel and hassle, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

“Yesterday we learned Senate majority leader Schumer is taking steps to push through many of the White House’s ambassadorial nominees after almost a year of Republican obstruction,” Mika Brzezinski reported.

“Axios reports Schumer teed up votes on more than 20 nominees last night, looking to buck efforts led by Senator Ted Cruz to block President Biden’s picks. This sets up a marathon confirmation process that could keep lawmakers in Washington until the middle of next week.”

Oh, darn! You mean they won’t get to go home and soak up the eggnog until Christmas Eve?

“All right, you want to make us do this every two hours? All right, buckle up, we’re gonna be here for a couple of weeks. Looks like he’s moving in that direction,” Joe Scarborough said.

“This is an aggressive new strategy here. We heard from the White House yesterday and deputy press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, ‘it’s time to do this,’ we have Sen. Schumer kept them late last night, threatening more for next week and Marco Rubio, who’s been holding up one of the ambassadors, China’s pick. that’s good news,” Jonathan Lemire said.

As he pointed out, Biden has only 15% of his nominees confirmed.

“His predecessor in the first year, Donald Trump, had 73% and George W. Bush had 90%. This White House is not wrong, they are being unfairly targeted here by Republican senators blocking their ambassadorships. I think we should expect more of these ambassadors to get through the next few days ahead of the holiday.

“Because you have Republicans who are just as concerned about this. ‘We need ambassadors across the world to represent America. This makes us weaker.’ That’s a Republican telling other Republicans, c’mon, we have to get this done. Again, Chuck Schumer runs the Senate.”

Let’s play hardball, Chuck. Democrats want to see a little chin music.

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