Our Top Cake Recipes & Decorating Tips

Our Top Cake Recipes & Decorating Tips

Cake is one of those desserts that makes everything better. Celebrating a birthday or special occasion? Cake for everyone! Having a rough day? Cake to the rescue …

Can you believe we’ve never shared a roundup of our favorite recipes?

Well, we’re fixing that today. Keep scrolling to see our top cake recipes and decorating tips (that will satisfy any sweet tooth).

This raspberry mocha angel food cake is everything we love about angel food (light and airy) and the rich chocolate frosting makes it extra decadent. Adding fresh raspberries to the top is the “icing on the cake.”

We can’t stop staring at this watercolor cake. The swirls of orange buttercream frosting and dried orange slices are so pretty! You can use this technique on any kind of pre-chilled, iced cake.

If you love tiramisu, you have to try Emma’s green tea and white chocolate tiramisu. It’s a perfect dessert to make if you’re hosting a dinner, and even better in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Shifting gears to novelty cakes, these “wood-look” cakes would be incredible for a themed party. The meringue mushrooms are our favorite!

We love how easy bundt cakes are to make, and this red velvet swirl bundt cake is such a treat. It’s topped with a cream cheese glaze and sprinkles (just because).

A tribute to ’90s sand art in the form of cake? Yes, please. This stunning vanilla sand art cake is coated with colorful sugar crystals (and equally delicious).

How cute are these mini layered cakes? The tiny layers are sliced with a biscuit cutter, assembled, and then baked on a sheet pan before they’re frosted.

The easiest homemade ice cream cake (ever).

We love a good coffee cake, especially this upside down banana coffee cake with a brown sugar and cinnamon crumb topping.

Don’t let this photo fool you. These aren’t ice cream sundaes—they’re ice cream sundae cakes made by baker extraordinaire, Alana Jones-Mann.

Polka dots belong on cute clothes, accessories and … cakes. This polka dot cake is so fun.

Emma had the pleasure of making a tiered wedding cake for a friend’s reception a few years ago, and it turned out so delicious and pretty. This post includes some helpful tips, from assembling each to transporting to the big event.

It’s impossible to stop staring at this colorful wreath cake topped with an assortment of candy, lollipops, marshmallows, and alllll the good stuff.

Mandi made this incredible sandcastle cake for her daughter’s mermaid-themed birthday party. It looks so real!

Have you ever made a flourless chocolate cake? It’s a chocolate lovers dream. The addition of dark chocolate with toasted coconut (we used this melted chocolate bar) is just beyond.

Are cake pops technically cake? We’re bending the rules and saying “yes.” Emma’s easy cake pop recipe is the only one you’ll ever need!

When it comes to frosting, this easy peanut butter frosting is our go-to for chocolate cake and cupcakes. Emma used the same recipe for the wedding cake she made.

This (coffee) sweetened condensed milk buttercream frosting is another favorite!

Now, for a few tips and tricks.

You can easily add edible flowers to any cake, and it’s an easy way to decorate without a lot of skillset. This guide breaks down different kinds of edible flowers and the flavor profiles for each.

Here’s everything you need to know when adding edible gold leaf to a cake. It makes desserts look so fancy!

We mentioned adding edible flowers to cake, but you can also “candy” flower petals with caster sugar and egg whites to use for decoration. You can also make candied flowers using a whole flower. So cool!

Let us know if you have favorite cake recipes that we should know about. Happy baking! xo, The ABM team

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