PSG won the Messi-Mbappe duo

PSG won the Messi-Mbappe duo

PSG will face Real Madrid at home on Wednesday in the first leg of the last 16 of the Champions League. The match against Ren was his last preparation.

PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino said he would leave the field today in relief after the final whistle blow in preparation for the Park des Princes. At a time when the fear of losing points at home was reddening, the PSG won the Messi-Mbappe duo.


The two teams were goalless till the scheduled time. This time PSG lost 2-0 in the first match with Ren in the league. Mbappe would have been unbeaten today if he had not scored in the first three minutes of added time.

Lionel Messi scored the goal with a great pass from the French forward. PSG remained unbeaten in 15 consecutive matches in League A with a 1-0 win.


Although Neymar returned to practice, Pachettino did not take the risk of playing him against Renঁ. It is more important for Pachettino to get the Brazilian forward back to full fitness before facing Real. Injured Sergio Ramos was also seen in the gallery.


PSG tried to overcome the grief of leaving the French Cup with a 5-1 victory in the previous match against Lille. Pachettino made four changes to the squad for the match.

Pachettino played Kyler Navas at the goalposts, Juan Bernat at the defense, Julian Draxler at midfield and Xavi Simmons, 18, next to Messi-Mbappe in the attack.


Simmons was almost getting the goal in the first half. Entering the box with the left edge, the curved shot taken by Mbapp hit the post of Ren. Renনে defender blocked Simmons’ shot with the return. In the first 40 minutes of the first half, PSG could not play well without that moment. Instead, the players of Ren have put counter pressure by taking the opportunity to run.

PSG could have scored in the 64th minute after the break. This time again that Messi-Mbappe duo. The Argentine star’s defender took a pass and sent the ball into the net to Mbappe, but no goal was scored due to the off side.

But there was nothing wrong with adding time. Messi made Mbappe a goal from every attack. Mbappe’s curved shot from the left edge found the net in Ren goalkeeper’s gloves.

In the 6th minute, Pachettino picked up Draxler and dropped Anhel Di Maria. PSG’s game leads to borrowing. PSG arranges several attacks by providing speed and quick pass exchange. Not a single shot, however, landed on Ren’s goalpost. Mbopp’s goal in added time was the only PSG shot in Ren’s goal post throughout the match.

With this victory, PSG remained at the top of the points table with a gap of 18 points with Marseille II. Pachettino’s team collected 59 points in 24 matches.

Minister Dhaka captain Mahmudullah won the toss and elected to bat. Fortune Barisal captain Shakib Al Hasan wanted to do the same. Dhaka, however, could not take advantage of the batting at all, Barisal bowlers stuck in the combined performance for 126 runs. Shakib Al Hasan’s 29-ball 51-run innings in Barisal then surpassed it with 8 wickets and 26 balls remaining. Shakib became the best in the match with 1 wicket in bowling with great innings in batting. He is the best player in the fifth match in a row.

With the exception of one abandoned match, Barisal won six matches in a row. The team has already been confirmed to play in the first qualifier, Shakib’s team had a great preparation before that. On the other hand, Dhaka had a chance to ensure the play-off after winning, but they could not take it. Now Mahmudullah will have to watch the two matches of Chittagong Challengers and Khulna Tigers tomorrow. The team will only be able to reach the play-offs if they lose to Comilla Victorians, Khulna or Chittagong to Sylhet Sunrisers.