Five people from Bangladesh have played like before IPL

Five people from Bangladesh have played like before IPL

Five Bangladeshi cricketers are up for auction in the IPL today. Past success and current form are key to attracting franchisees to the auction.

The past of Shakib Al Hasan and Mostafizur Rahman says something for them. But in the case of Liton Das, Taskin Ahmed and Shariful Islam, the current form is considered.

Since then, the T20 performances of these five Bangladeshi cricketers from the beginning of 2021 to the day before last February 10 have been highlighted.

Munna is no more টা I still remember the moment when I heard this bad news. Kidney problems have been a concern ever since. Even after a kidney transplant. Even then, it was very difficult to accept Munnar’s departure. The story of a man’s life will be over before he reaches 40!

I remember Monem Munnar more during this time. Why fall, you know? Now everyone’s face mask. Mostly akashi colored surgical masks. This mask reminds me of Munna. After coming from India for kidney transplant, Munnar always had this mask on his face.

No Munna, I know. Believe it or not, I don’t often remember Munna. That sounds too dramatic. Listen, listen, I said what I think. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Not yet, what is the difference?

There are many differences. Even though I hadn’t seen him for a long time, I knew then that as soon as I picked up the phone, I could hear the merry voice from the edge, ‘What grandpa! Are you in the country? ‘

In the end, another thing was very ‘common’, ‘You have become a cricket man.’ Not a complaint, he said jokingly. Because Munnar at least knew exactly that, although I write more cricket for professional reasons, I have the same fun in football. When Munnar’s career is in the middle of nowhere, then I am a complete reporter. I cover cricket during cricket, football during football. Munnar therefore had no reason to misunderstand the journalist who covered cricket more as anti-football. He used to add after joking that he was a ‘cricket man’, ‘I had fun! What if you don’t write about cricket? Football has been destroyed. ‘

Munnar was very upset about the decline of football in Bangladesh. Stay tuned. He is the bridge of that colorful and faded era of Bangladesh football. He is a direct witness of both. In terms of quality, Bangladesh football has never been anything like that. But the insanity was with whatever it was. He saw the death of that insanity with his own eyes. See how the Abahani-Mohammedan of the gallery, which overflows the audience, has lost all its luster and has become just ‘another match’! You have seen how the football of Bangladesh is getting more and more dilapidated due to the failure of the Atharva officials.

He is the last superstar of Bangladesh football. There are many stars, but the superstar or superstar comes to Kalevadra. Munna was the superstar of Bangladesh football. Playing skills alone is not enough for a player to become a superstar, it takes more. An extra glimpse, an extra dimension to the personality — ‘charisma’ seems to mean everything. Munna’s charisma was such that a separate chapter in Bangladesh football had to be set aside for him.

Someone may disagree, it is normal to have. I can only express my personal opinion, if you say superstar in Bangladesh football, there is another name besides Munna. Kazi Salauddin. However, on a consideration, Salauddin also faded away from Munnar.