The President will decide on Shabi Vice-Chancellor. Minister of Education

The President will decide on Shabi Vice-Chancellor. Minister of Education

Acharya (President) will be informed about the demands of students agitating for the resignation of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SHUST) Vice-Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed and he will decide on the matter, said Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni. He made the remarks after a meeting with an 11-member delegation of agitating students at Sylhet Circuit House around 6:15 pm on Friday. News The education minister said, “They had a demand to remove the vice-chancellor. We’ve talked to them about it before, and we’ve talked about it today. They tell us what they want, what they want and why they want it. We listened intently to what they said. We will convey their statement to His Excellency Acharya. ‘

Dipu Moni said, ‘It is the Acharya who appoints or removes a Vice-Chancellor, so we will inform the Acharya. The rest of the decision will be taken by His Excellency Acharya. ‘

Earlier, the Education Minister sat in a meeting with the delegation of agitating students at Sylhet Circuit House at 3 pm. That meeting lasted for three hours. Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel, Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Education Afsar Uddin Kamali and Secretary of the University Grants Commission Ferdous were present on the occasion.

Mohaiminul Bashar Raj, Yasir Sarkar, Nafisa Anjum, Sabbir Ahmed, Ashiq Hossain Maruf, Sabrina Shahrin Rashid, Sudipta Bhaskar Argh, Shahriar Abedin, Amena Begum, Mir Rana and Zahidul Islam Apurba were in the delegation at that time.

It may be mentioned that the students of Begum Sirajunnesa Chowdhury Student Hall of the university started agitation on the night of January 13 alleging misbehavior with the students. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and sound grenades to disperse the protesting students on January 18. The students then started a movement demanding the resignation of Vice Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed. At one stage they went on a hunger strike. Former university professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and his wife Yasmin Haque broke the hunger strike on January 26. Despite breaking the hunger strike, the students have continued their movement through various programs. After that the education minister sat in a meeting with them on Friday.

Four new suggestions for students. During the meeting, the agitating students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SHUST) presented four new proposals to the Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni.

They presented these proposals at a meeting at Sylhet Circuit House on Friday afternoon. Shahriar Abedin, a member of the delegation, confirmed the information. The students have never presented these demands since the beginning of the movement. The proposals are-

1. Professor Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and his wife Professor. To make Yasmin Haque an Emeritus Professor in Shabiprabi.

2. Increase the required budget for research in all the universities of the country and ensure proper expenditure.

3. Introducing coding system in university examination system.

4. To verify the opinion of students on the basis of demo class with minimum PhD in recruitment of teachers.

Regarding the proposals of the students, the education minister said that they have put forward several proposals by themselves thinking about the demands they have for the quality of education, how to improve the quality of housing. We told them to fix it. Some of the proposals we have seen have already been met. We hope to be able to meet almost all of the other requirements. We will take that initiative.

Education Minister advises Shabi Vice Chancellor to perform his duties. Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni has advised Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, to continue his duties. The education minister made the suggestion during a meeting with the vice-chancellor at the administrative building of the university on Friday evening. Other teachers were also present at the meeting. University Registrar Ishfaqul Hossain told reporters after the meeting. News online.

He said the minister called on the teachers during the talks to restore normalcy on campus. He also asked the vice-chancellor to discharge his duties.

At the time, Treasurer Anwarul Islam said the minister said the allegations made by students about the vice-chancellor were being investigated. At the end of the investigation, the President will make all the decisions. February 14 is Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Day. The Minister of Education has asked to take steps to ensure that the day is observed properly.