You will get 2 lakh rupees for each ball

You will get 2 lakh rupees for each ball

Surely many people are watching TV from 12 noon. As soon as you go to the Star Sports channel, you hear the hammer house and the calculation of crores of rupees. The hair on the heads of former stars and coaches is also falling on the tables. Speaking of IPL auction!

It is normal for franchise teams to come out with sacks of money and quarrel with the players. South African pacer Kagiso Rabadar changed his address within half an hour of the auction.

The Delhi Capitals released him the previous season. But in today’s auction, Delhi started a ‘wrestling war’ with the Gujarat Titans over the price for that Rabada.

The price of rabadar with a base price of Rs 2 crore also started rising slowly. Anil Kumble and Jonty Rhodes, who were sitting at the Punjab Kings’ table, were also enjoying it. Punjab turned the Delhi-Gujarat wrestling war into a three-pronged war. The franchise joins the fight to buy Rabada.

Punjab emerged in the battle to buy Rabada at a price of Rs 6.25 crore. After Delhi withdrew, Gujarat continued to fight. But in the end, Punjab got Rabada for Rs 9.25 crore.

With 25 wickets in 12 matches in the 2019 IPL, Rabada, who became Delhi’s highest wicket-taker that season, also shined in 2020. He took 30 wickets in 18 matches. Despite taking 15 wickets last season, Delhi were eliminated from the play-offs.

This time an account can be made of the price at which Rabada was sold. Let’s assume, Rabada will play maximum 16 matches in IPL this time. In the group stage, 14 matches and qualifiers, eliminators and finals have been calculated. All in all, Rabadar has the opportunity to play a maximum of 18 matches for Punjab this time.

As there is an opportunity to bowl 4 overs per match in T20, the total number of overs in 18 matches is 8 overs. Force number 406. In other words, Rabada will get a chance to bowl a maximum of 406 legal balls in this IPL. So how much is the price of each delivery in Rabada?

The price of rabada in Bangladeshi currency is about 10 crore 51 lakh 46 thousand 628 rupees. In other words, this time in IPL, the price of each delivery of Rabada will be 2 lakh 56 thousand 615 rupees.

If you want, you can also calculate in other currencies. In Indian Rupees, each delivery of Rabada will cost around Rs. 2 lakh 26 thousand. 3000 in US dollars, 2200 in pounds, 4200 in Australian dollars, 4500 in New Zealand dollars, 45,600 in South African Round and 5 lakh 25 thousand in Pakistani Rupees.

However, the number in Iranian rials will be eye-popping. At the moment, the Iranian rial is considered the cheapest currency. The Indian rupee is 556.54 riyals (Iranian). As such, if Punjab had bought Rabada in Iranian Riyals, it would have had to pay Rs 5,16,53,16,605.

In other words, the price of each valid delivery of Rabada in the Iranian Riyal in the IPL this time will be 12 lakh 8 thousand 306 rupees!