Bartiromo Puts Laura Ingraham's Words Into Nancy Pelosi's Mouth

Bartiromo Puts Laura Ingraham's Words Into Nancy Pelosi's Mouth

Fox News host Bartiromo put her colleague Laura Ingraham’s insulting and condescending words to Lebron James into Nancy Pelosi’s mouth and claimed she told our US athletes at the Beijing Olympics to “shut up and dribble.”

Have you no shame, Maria Bartiromo? The lies Republicans tell every day is simply appalling.

Bartiromo brought on Mike Pompeo to discuss the Olympics, and Bartiromo opened up with this massive lie.

“So you heard Nancy Pelosi warning our athletes to “shut up and dribble.” What are your thoughts of the games taking place now and the safety and security of our athletes?” Bartiromo said.

Pompeo ranted and agreed, “Speaker Pelosi told our young American kids, you travel abroad and give up all your American right. Just shut up! Don’t say a word because it is too dangerous…”

Why would Speaker Pelosi use a basketball reference for the Winger Olympics?

What liars. Both of them. I doubt Pompeo was aware enough to even know what Speaker Pelosi said at all.

By the way, Mike. Freedom of speech is an American right, but China doesn’t use the US Constitution, idiot. Our rights do not extend to communist countries. What’s scary is this man was the Director of the CIA and Secretary of State under Trump.

Those words, “shut up and dribble,” were uttered by Laura Ingraham. See, Laura loves free speech until she doesn’t.

Speaker Pelosi did have words of caution for our athletes.

Pelosi “I would say to our athletes: You’re there to compete. Do not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government, because they are ruthless.”

Madame Speaker told them to leave it up to US politicians to address China.

That’s good advice.

Liars gotta lie.

Ingraham even responded to the outrage she caused. We remember who said it, Maria.

Maria Bartiromo and Fox have an astonishingly low opinion of their own audience, and maybe they’re right. It’s easy to imagine them concocting this lie: “Our brain-dead moron viewers will think it’s Pelosi after all ha ha.”

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