Candace Owens Attacks Public Schools As 'Hitler Youth Programs'

Candace Owens Attacks Public Schools As 'Hitler Youth Programs'

Trump lovin’ Candace Owens continued the right-wing-billionaire funded assault on US educators by claiming all public schools are really “Hitler youth programs.”

That’s an odd thing for Candace to say — she praised Hitler’s white nationalist takeover of Germany while trying to recruit people in the UK to Turning Point USA, which was endorsed by the odious Nigel Farage.

“If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well — OK, fine,” Owens said in response to Hitler wanting to make Germany Great Again.

She lost that job due to the controversy, but as usual, there’s always a job for her in the swamps of right-wing grift organizations.

Her guest said the educational system is damaging children.

“I likened it to Hitler youth programs, Stalinist programs,” Owens said.

She continued, “It’s the government raising your children to believe whatever the government wants your children to believe in that moment.”

Owens is taking the paranoid QAnon as far as she can, claiming teachers are part of a deep-state plot. To do what exactly?

Owens went on a tangent that schools are teaching women not to want to have a family or to get married.


Then she claimed if a woman wants to raise a family, they are now deemed the failure.

Did she mean public schools are teaching girls to hate motherhood?

Exactly who is saying that?

Maybe she read it from a subreddit comment thread?

Republican operatives spew out the fever dream of the day and claim it’s reality. Candace spews more crack pot ideas coming from the bottom of the barrel of conservatism.

Since Reagan assumed office, Republicans have denigrated and withheld much-needed funds from the public school systems while attacking teachers’ unions incessantly. Follow unKoch my campus to read more on fighting back.

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