Charlie Kirk Signs On To 'Transhuman' Conspiracy

Charlie Kirk Signs On To 'Transhuman' Conspiracy

Anti-vax nutjob Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been promoting an insane theory, a Matrix-style, transhumanoid conspiracy that being vaccinated turns people into ‘transhumans.’

Tenpenny is always on the right-wing evangelical circuit like Stew Peters, etc…that’s where all the COVID conspiracies metastasize. Her medical license was inexplicably renewed last year by the Ohio Board of Health, despite questions about her mental health.

Charlie Kirk is now repeating the same lunacy to his QAnon followers only tying it in with the transgender community.

“The transgender movement matters even more than bio-medical fascism,” Kirk said.

“Because the transgender movement is an introductory phase to get you to strip yourself of your humanity to mesh with machines.”

“It’s called trans-humanism,” Kirk decried.

“They want you to say ‘okay I can choose any gender why can’t I just have like it exoskeleton of some sort of machine around me'”.

Kirk continued, “This is why they’re so insistent on this transgender thing, because if you stop being a man, then maybe you can stop being a human being.”

“Where you kinda just hook up to a machine all day long, you’re controlled by five companies that control your thoughts, your feelings and the real world actually ends up being the not real world.”

Republican extremists continually sell to their flock of lemmings that the transgender community wants everybody, and I mean everybody to switch genders.

It’s crazy.

I related Tenpenny’s quackery to The Matrix, but Kirk uses “Ready Player One” meets “Inception.”

By relating this transhuman a$$fu*kery to the transgender community, Kirk believes his latest con will be an easier pill to swallow than saying ‘you will become a transhumanoid cyborg if you take a vaccine.’

It’s basically the same thing wrapped in a homophobic bow.

Crazy conspiracies start at the bottom of the most extreme wingnut fever swamps and work their way up to Fox. And everyone associated with these networks knows exactly how gullible their marks are.

Sherri Tenpenny, one of the right’s leading anti-vaccine “experts,” claims that COVID vaccines are creating “quantum entanglement” between those who take them and “the Google credit scores and the dematrix and all of those things.”

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) January 27, 2022

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