CNBC Host Warns GOP Rep: 'You Do Not Have The Right To Kill My Mother!’

CNBC Host Warns GOP Rep: 'You Do Not Have The Right To Kill My Mother!’

Andrew Ross Sorkin blasted Mike Garcia, the Republican Congressman from California’s 25th district after Garcia claimed efforts to curtail COVID infringes on the U.S. Constitution.

Republicans are trying to shut down the government over any type of vaccine mandate and the CNBC host would have none of it.

“And there’s nothing in the Constitution that says that you have the right to give me COVID or anything else, so I don’t understand this argument about freedoms,” said Sorkin.

Sorkin doesn’t understand why Rep. Garcia isn’t trying to get more people vaccinated especially since we are all paying for it.

Rep. Garcia cut in with typical wingnut talking points.

“Let’s remember the Constitution does still exist despite the headwinds that we’ve had in the last two years, and the encroachments on the Constitution, it still does exist, so that we do have rights,” Garcia whined.

Garcia claims the 1st and 10th amendment gives cover to anti-vaxxers.

Sorkin cut in: “Right…but the rights — you can’t kill my mother. You do not have the right–”

“I’m not killing your mother!” Garcia shot back.

How many mothers have been lost to COVID in the almost 800,000 dead Americans so far?

Garcia admits the crazies in the GOP will never do anything if asked to do so by the federal government.

You know, like saving your mother’s life from a deadly virus.

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