CNN: Facebook Is Still Selling Inflammatory Right Wing Ads

CNN: Facebook Is Still Selling Inflammatory Right Wing Ads

So Facebook, which pulled a C&L ad with a Daily Show video as “covid misinformation,” is still allowing ads comparing America to a Nazi regime and advocating public hangings. CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan explains:

On Monday, Fox News personality Lara Logan caused outrage by comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to a notorious Nazi doctor known as the “Angel of Death” — around the same time ads were running on Facebook promoting a sweater emblazed with the words, “I’m originally from America but I currently reside in 1941 Germany.”

Another ad compared the rollout of vaccines to the Holocaust — falsely and ludicrously implying they are part of an attempt to slaughter people on a mass scale.

The ad was run by a Facebook page named “Ride the Red Wave.” Earlier this year the page ran ads for a t-shirt with the words, “Make hanging traitors great again.”

O’Sullivan says Facebook made more than $280,000 from “Ride the Red Wave” ads since May, The page has fewer than 10,000 followers, but by paying Facebook, the people running the page can reach millions.

I’m sure it’s just a coinky-dink that their algorithms are so bad at catching those lucrative extremist ads!

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