Mike Pence Parts Ways With Trump On 2020 Stolen Election Claims

Mike Pence Parts Ways With Trump On 2020 Stolen Election Claims

Former vice president Mike Pence parted ways with Trump, telling CBN’s David Brody the election was not stolen.

Pence said he thought Trump and some of his supporters would never see ‘eye to eye’ with his own decision on January 6.

Pence never had any power to overturn the electoral college votes at any time, but liars gotta lie.

On the election fraud nonsense, Brody asked, “You didn’t believe it was rigged or stolen?”

Pence replied, “There were states across the country that conducted their elections outside of how the state legislatures had approved them and I truly believe that that was properly reviewed in the courts and was ultimately passed on.”

Many states focused on making voting easier during COVID19 for obvious reasons and there was nothing irregular about that. it was prudent and good governing to do so.

Here’s a fuller clip from the interview where Pence does try to mealy-mouth his way through it.

Pence, who was hunted to be hanged by Trump supporters on January 6th, pretended Democrats are using that one day to demean all those who voted for Trump in 2020. That is complete poppycock. If the insurrection is not taken deadly seriously, Trump supporters will not hesitate to do it again and rebel against any democratic institution of governing.

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