Don't Let Religious Zealots Take Over The News: Donate To C&L

Don't Let Religious Zealots Take Over The News: Donate To C&L

Have you been noticing that religious zealots populating the Republican Party and throughout the country get more airplay and newsprint than anybody else in this country?

Why is that?

Why does the Beltway media still interview Trump supporters and value them more than any other voting bloc?

Maybe we should all dress up like QAnon clowns, scream “Cover-up!” and attack schoolteachers and first responders.

We could form a posse and wait for JFK to arrive in Washington DC to assume the presidency once more since he’s been a show president since he staged his assassination in 1963.

I kid. But, do I?

It’s not that they get so much press that’s daunting. It’s that the Beltway media treats COVID conspiracy theorists as normal people.

Anti-vax evangelicals refusing the shot because Fox News tells them it’ll put a tracking device in their blood are treated as almost normal.

The anti-American minority in this country leads the way, like Marge, Cawthorn, Gaetz, and religious right leaders that have sworn allegiance to Traitor Trump and not the Constitution.

America can’t afford to lose transparent voices speaking out.

America is very close to becoming a theocracy.

Please, help us out and keep C&L alive and a voice for the truth.

I’m asking for more this time. If you are able to reach into your pockets and donate at least $25, and maybe buy a yearly ad-free subscription, that would be awesome and it would keep us in business.

You can donate to PayPal or through Kindest.

Or you can send a check via snail mail to:
PO Box 1789
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Any donation will be welcomed with open arms.

We really want to be around to fight for liberal values in the future.

The country needs it now, more than ever. Thank you.

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