Former 60 Minutes Reporter Compares Fauci To Mengele On Fox News

Former 60 Minutes Reporter Compares Fauci To Mengele On Fox News

Lara Logan sunk even deeper into wingnut madness on Fox News Monday with her COVID-denying act.

She actually claimed Dr. Fauci doesn’t represent real science but the Nazi war doctor Joseph Mengele.

Speaking with the always-repulsive Pete Hegseth, Logan took her anti-vaccine rhetoric to new lows, using the “some people say” gambit so popular on Fox News.

“This is what people say to me: He doesn’t represent science,” Logan told Fox viewers. “He represents Josef Mengele, Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War in the concentration camps.”

“And I am talking about people all across the world are saying this,” she claimed. So what? Crazy people talk, you don’t repeat it on a “news” network.

And what “people” is she talking about? Marjorie Taylor Greene and her ilk? Those are cultists.

Logan is claiming safety protocols put in place to try and save people from being infected and infecting others (like wearing masks and staying home) is worse than being starved, beaten, forced into slave labor, used in sick medical experiments, and then exterminated during WWII.

Josef Mengele, the Nazi torture doctor who performed medical experiments at Auschwitz, an extermination camp, and was known as the ‘Angel of Death.’

COVID has killed 5 million people worldwide, while Dr. Fauci has been trying to save the lives of every American.

Yesterday I highlighted her batsh*t crazy rant against COVID, but now her target on Dr. Fauci is even more reprehensible.

These are the people populating Fox News.

I demand Lara Logan be fired from the Fox News airwaves. This is unconscionable.

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