Adam McKay Reveals Reason Why Will Ferrell No Longer Talks To Him

Adam McKay Reveals Reason Why Will Ferrell No Longer Talks To Him

Filmmaker Adam McKay has revealed the reason why his and Will Ferrell’s longstanding friendship ended abruptly. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, McKay discussed the breakdown of his two decade-long friendship with Ferrell, admitting that it was mostly his fault.

McKay explained that the reason Ferrell no longer talks to him is because he recast the actor’s part in a forthcoming mini-series about the Los Angeles Lakers, without telling him.

“I should have called him and I didn’t, And Reilly did, of course, because Reilly, he’s a stand-up guy,” he said.

The filmmaker gave the part to John C Reilly, who told Ferrell about the recast before McKay had managed to do so.

McKay added however that Ferrell was never actually his first choice for the role, as he didn’t think he looked anything like former Lakers owner Jerry Buss.

“The truth is, the way the show was always going to be done, it’s hyper-realistic. And Ferrell just doesn’t look like Jerry Buss, and he’s not that vibe of a Jerry Buss,” he said.

Despite reaching out to Ferrell since, McKay says he has no response from the actor.

“I f***ed up on how I handled that. It’s the old thing of keep your side of the street clean. I should have just done everything by the book,” he said.

Read McKay’s full interview with Vanity Fair here.

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