Fox Host Plays A Very Old Record: Blame Soros And Holder

Fox Host Plays A Very Old Record: Blame Soros And Holder

In right-wing world, anyone who proposes any sort of prison or criminal justice reform automatically wants to let violent criminals roam the streets, and host Rachel Campos-Duffy managed to toss in some blatant race-baiting during this segment to boot. On this Friday’s Fox & Friends, where they were doing yet another one of their typical every hour on the hour segments complaining about crime in “Democrat run cities,” here’s Duffy attacking District Attorneys across the country, and George Soros and Eric Holder for heaven forbid helping some of them get elected.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: He is not alone. Remember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also said “there is not a spike in crime” and that “the media is making all this up.” It’s crazy because we have video footage, all these stores have videos of this happening. I feel sorry for the stores. Ainsley, you mentioned that. I feel sorry for the employees as well. This is frightening and terrorizing.

And they are afraid for their lives because of this. It’s so wrong on so many levels. And I see those young men coming through there and stealing this stuff, I think they have no moral conscience. This is oh so deep. This is about, as Pete alluded to, sbout family break down, about a spiritual and moral breakdown in our country. And we must do something about it.

And there are people, there are forces that are encouraging this and will, had you talked about it which are these DAs, and these DAs are being funded by George Soros and Eric Holder. This is an absolute philosophy that they’re pushing that you should not be in jail, you should not give them cash bail, and basically releasing them. There is a philosophy and there is a reason these things are happening. Primarily in Democratic cities. Unfortunately, this crime wave is spreading and it’s hurting even small towns as well.

Holder was working on criminal justice reform during his time in office, when he “directed prosecutors to avoid seeking mandatory minimums for low-level drug offenses with the aim of decreasing prison population levels” and continues to advocate for drug sentencing and other reforms to this day, and Soros has helped candidates who share his goal of reducing racial disparities in drug sentencing, but in right-wing world, it’s the Jews and the Blacks wanting to destroy America and allow criminal gangs back on the streets so they can terrorize the “real ‘Murkins” that watch Fox.

It seems using the Soros boogeyman scare tactic has been a running theme over on Fox for some time now. They’ve been going after his PAC since back in 2017, and again this week, so Campos-Duffy won’t be the only one on there tossing his name out there as some sort of puppet-master for these District Attorneys every time they decide to hammer Democrats as supposedly being weak on crime — a cudgel they plan to use against them during the midterm elections.

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