Who Will Be The Steelers Starting QB Next Year?

Who Will Be The Steelers Starting QB Next Year?

With talk of their future Hall of Famer calling it a career after 2021, the between game conversation in Pittsburgh is increasingly focusing on who will be the Steelers’ starting quarterback next year? Reporters like Adam Schefter are already saying Ben Roethlisberger is telling friends this will be his last season in the Steel City. While oddsmakers are already predicting who will take his place as the starting QB, with the choices being less than overwhelming for Steelers fans. So, who do you believe will be the starting quarterback in Gold and Black next season, and what options does Pittsburgh really have?

When it comes to quarterback stability heading into 2022, the state of Pennsylvania is lacking it in the east and the west.The Philadelphia Eagles are believed to be divided on if Jalen Hurts is the right man for their starting QB job next year, with the owner saying yes and the general manager voting no.

Now, as whispers of retirement once again emerge from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ locker room, the team should be considering all options when looking at who will be the starter in 2022.

Sports betting sites like betonline.ag are listing a drafted or free-agent quarterback as the co-favorites, giving those who are inclined 5/2 odds if either of those options prove to be accurate. Mason Rudolph is the first named option on the site’s betting board, with 3/1 odds being given to those who believe he will be Pittsburgh’s starting QB next season. Right behind that is a quarterback that Pittsburgh trades for, and with names like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson still on the outer edges of next year’s trade market, getting just over 3/1 odds may not be a bad bet. Getting just over 5/1 is Roethlisberger, the two-time Super Bowl champ who had discussed retiring before, something befitting his diva QB status; putting him ahead of Dwayne Haskins, who betonline.ag is giving 10/1 odds to those who have faith in the former Washington QB.

Short of making a trade for a quarterback like Rodgers or Wilson, the falloff at the position for the Steelers will be painful next year, or whenever Ben Roethlisberger does finally decide to retire. Even with diminished skills, the future Hall of Famer can still steal a few victories a season; but now those wins keep his team above .500 rather than push them towards the top of the AFC North and the conference’s playoff picture. They will need to make the move one day, and with the rest of the division playing well at the same time, the Pittsburgh front office may not want Big Ben to walk away; but may need him to make the tough call on himself for the betterment of the franchise. 

I can’t see the future Steelers QB currently on the team’s roster; and everyone knows a change is coming soon. If Aaron Rodgers truly does want out of Green Bay, what better place to go than another historic franchise like the Steelers. Could you imagine having a Super Bowl ring with Green Bay and Pittsburgh?

Sadly, bold moves like that are not the Steelers’ way to doing business, so I would suggest to the fans to keep an eye on those college bowl games and upcoming mock drafts, because it is more likely there, or in free agency is where your 2022 starting QB is waiting. 


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