Fox News Doc Compares COVID To The 'Sniffles'

Fox News Doc Compares COVID To The 'Sniffles'

Trying to take the mantle away from Fox Doc Mark Siegel as the most right-wing and politically motivated TV doctor, Fox News medical contributor and radiologist Dr. Nicole Saphier compared COVID and the Omicron variant to having “the sniffles.”

Bowing to the anti-vax community must be very profitable for Saphier and Fox News.

Nicole’s words reminded of when Trump told the country in early 2020, that COVID was just like the flu and would just disappear.

800,000 dead Americans later, how did that work out?

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer noted that a study in South Africa makes clear that omicron seems to be much more milder than other variants of COVID.

Not to be confused with Louis Cyphre, Nicole Saphier said, “There will always be people who are vulnerable to the virus, just like every year, we see people vulnerable to flu and other causes of pneumonia.”

We need to continue to protect them. But for the rest of society, it is time to move forward. We have never required a vaccine to prevent the sniffles,” she said. If there was a vaccine to cure the common cold, also a coronavirus, everyone would have it by now.

“At this point, it is time to move forward and allow this mild infection to circulate so we can continue to build that hybrid immunity: the combination of vaccine-induced and natural immunity, which is proven to be the most robust form of immunity that will continue to build that wall of protection.”

Natural immunity is not a cure for COVID, and if vaccine-resistant Americans purposefully get infected because of her views, death rates will soar. COVID is not a “mild infection” and there is not enough data to assume omicron is always going to be “mild.” There has been one death in the UK as a result of omicron, hospitalizations are soaring again, leaving victims of the tornadoes, car accidents, heart attacks, cancer, and strokes nowhere to go.

Apparently Dr, Saphier is comfortable being a new Angel of Death on Fox News.

Yeah, get sick and die you motherf**ckers!

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