Fox News Host: What About Trump Destroying Top Secret Documents?

Fox News Host: What About Trump Destroying Top Secret Documents?

Host Bret Baier asked his All-Star panel why Republicans don’t seem to care about Trump’s mishandling classified documents after attacking Hillary Clinton over her private email server for years and years.

The response from the two Republicans was predictable.

“If Republicans were really, really upset and focused on Hillary Clinton’s emails and all of that classified back-and-forth and what happened with those documents, shouldn’t they be really upset or concerned about what’s coming out?” Baier asked. “We don’t know factually that this is all true. But, if it is, shouldn’t they be as concerned?

Bill Bennett was subdued, almost medicated, when he responded “Well, sure they should be concerned about it.”


Then Bennett defended Trump, claiming all former allegations against him “most of which proved groundless,” so why bother?

That of course is a lie. Trump was impeached twice with verifiable evidence.

Like a man laughing inside himself, Bennett challenged, “But sure look into it!”

Baier told Hugh Hewitt they pulled fifteen boxes from Mar-A-Lago without counting the toilets.

Hugh Hewitt said it was “100% that these boxes of classified info was there.”

But, he said, “100% sure no one in America outside of the progressive hard left care.”

Hugh, over 80 million people voted for President Biden and every one of them cares. That’s why Trump was kicked out of office.

Republicans are the worst kind of hypocrites imaginable.

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