Fox's Bongino Airs Egregiously Inaccurate Graphic On 'Unhealthy' Cities

Fox's Bongino Airs Egregiously Inaccurate Graphic On 'Unhealthy' Cities

Fox “news” appears to be in a small amount of damage control after Dan Bongino aired a wildly inaccurate graphic of the supposed “top ten most unhealthy U.S. cities” on his show Saturday night. As Mediaite reported, there’s just one problem with that graphic.

According to WalletHub – the source that Unfiltered cited in its graphic – the 10 cities featured in the graphic are actually the “healthiest places to live in the U.S.” That is literally the opposite of “most unhealthy.”

Well, nine of the cities, anyway. Apparently, the Bongino and his production crew took Irvine, CA to mean Irving, TX, which made its way into the hilariously inaccurate graphic.

And then they scrubbed it from the reair:

In a later airing of Unfiltered, the map graphic did not appear. In its place, Fox News ran B-roll footage of homeless people instead.

That also appears to be the only segment they didn’t post on his show’s page at Fox. Don’t expect any repercussions for Bingo Bongo, or for them to stop fearmongering over Democratic cities supposedly being some third world hellhole that no one wants to live in. The lying is a feature and not a bug on Fox.

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