Trump Has A Sad Over Pence's Rebuke

Trump Has A Sad Over Pence's Rebuke

The seditious ex-president wasted no time in responding to his former Vice President, after Pence blasted Trump’s attempts to try and steal 2020 president election from the American people.

Speaking to the Federalist Society Friday, Pence said “President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election. The presidency belongs to the American people and the American people alone and frankly, there is no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president. Under the Constitution, I had no right to change the outcome of our election.”

Trump had his flak Liz Harrington tweet out one of their missives.

“Well, the Vice President’s position is not an automatic conveyor if obvious signs of voter fraud or irregularities exist,”

Trump claimed that the idea that Democrats are trying to close any weird loophole or wiggle room to have a traitorous president try to do what he did is evidence to support his addled brain.

The reason they want it changed is because they now say they don’t want the Vice President to have the right to ensure an honest vote. In other words, I was right and everyone knows it. If there is fraud or large scale irregularities, it would have been appropriate to send those votes back to the legislatures to figure it out. The Dems and RINOs want to take that right away. A great opportunity lost, but not forever, in the meantime our Country is going to hell!”

I still believe Twitter should ban Harrington from sending out any of Trump’s lying words since he’s prematurely banned from the site.

There was no voter fraud. Period.

Claiming a bunch of MAGA people filling out bogus affidavits to hand to Giuliani isn’t evidence at all, but part of the Big con.

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