Glenn Youngkin Heckled In Grocery Store: 'Where's Your Mask?'

Glenn Youngkin Heckled In Grocery Store: 'Where's Your Mask?'

A shopper demanded to know where Glenn Youngkin’s mask was during an appearance at an Alexandria grocery store. Youngkin appeared to be the only person not wearing a mask as required in the store. The shopper in the heavily-democratic city saw fit to give him a piece of her mind.

Youngkin, the far-right zealot who purports to be a moderate, recently announced that he wants to join a parents’ lawsuit against school mask mandates.

Source: Newsweek

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin was heckled during a visit to a grocery store in Alexandria, Virginia on Thursday where he appeared without wearing a mask to discuss tax reform.

Two shoppers in the store took aim at the Republican governor and demanded to know where his mask was. Alexandria is a heavily Democratic city and Youngkin won just less than 25 percent of the vote there in the November 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election.

As Youngkin was leaving the store via the cash registers, a woman also took issue with the fact he wasn’t wearing a mask. The cashier who was assisting Youngkin was wearing a face mask.

“Governor, where’s your mask?” the shopper shouted. “You’re in Alexandria. Read the room, buddy!”

The woman repeated that Youngkin should “read the room” with regard to mask-wearing.

Another man also asked where his mask was, calling Youngkin “a putz” for not wearing a mask as required in the store.

While promoting his plan to eliminate grocery taxes, a customer strongly expressed disapproval over a maskless Youngkin.

“Governor, where is your mask?”

“We’re all making choices today.”

“Yeah, look around you governor, you’re in Alexandria. Read the room buddy!”@wusa

— Matthew Torres (@News_MTorres) February 3, 2022

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