Gutfeld: Homeless People 'Prefer' To Be Homeless

Gutfeld: Homeless People 'Prefer' To Be Homeless

What a despicable human being Greg Gutfeld is. He says this on television for big money.

Transcript via Media Matters:

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): You brought up the idea — it’s all about affordable housing. If you Google stuff on homelessness, that’s the number one hit, it’s about affordable housing. That is a lie. It has no effect on the transient population. If you do not contribute to society through work, the only affordable housing has to be free. It doesn’t matter if it’s $300 a month or $200, they’re not going to pay. The money for most homeless goes to drugs and alcohol. I know that’s politically incorrect to say, but it’s an unspeakable truth.

Geraldo brought up the idea, California has the most because of the climate. That’s what you call a choice, right? It’s preferable. So, many people prefer to be homeless. No rent, no food to buy, no bills, find a shelter, free meals, get drugs, sustainable lifestyle. And you know why it’s sustainable, or you know the proof that it’s sustainable? It’s not shrinking. It’s growing. It’s growing because it’s possible.

The idea that it’s not enough affordable housing — that is true for people who are working, who are low-income people. Yes, but they’re not the homeless people. Do not be tricked into this.

So yeah, we didn’t take his “words out of context.” He said what he said. And he’s the Fox News “comedian.” And a very typical Republican.

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