Hannity Outraged His Hypocritical Jan 6 Texts Are Public

Hannity Outraged His Hypocritical Jan 6 Texts Are Public

As I predicted, instead of owning up to actually wanting Trump to stop the insurrection in real time, Fox News’ Hannity is crying about his privacy.

The Select House Committee revealed Hannity and many other Fox News hosts contacted mark Meadows to get Trump to do something to turn back those storming the US Capitol.

Like Dinesh D’Souza before him, it’s not about the crime or hypocrisy, telling Mark Meadows one thing and his audience another, it’s being “singled out” by an investigation.

Last night Geraldo called out his friend Trump for the damage he caused on Jan 6th. Hannity cut him off at the knees and brought up the usual BLM nonsense to equivocate the insurrection.

Hannity attacked the integrity of the House Select Committee investigating the insurrection by calling them “corrupt.”

Hannity also whined about “why no investigations are underway for BLM.”

When there’s a civil rights uprising in this country, it’s not an attempt to subvert U.S. democracy, the Constitution, or overturn a free and fair election as Trump did. It’s about equal justice under the law.

After screaming Hannity finally responded to his leaked message.

“The question is, is there any privacy in this country anymore, or do they get released thousands more of individual private citizens texts?” he asked.

Hillary Clinton’s email and Hunter Biden’s laptop would like a word, Sean, not to mention women whose bodies are about to be the subject of lawsuits.

This is an investigation into an attack on our US Capitol, not some Zoom hang out.

Hannity and the rest do not have any privacy protections whatsoever and he knows it.

Geraldo replied, “I beg you, Sean, to remember the frame of mind you were in when you wrote that text on January 6. And when Laura did. And when Brian did. And when Don Jr. did. Remember that concern you had. Remember the frustration you had at our beloved 45th president.”

“Yeah, because I wanted the riot to end!” Hannity replied. Hannity was only concerned that the insurrection tarnished Trump, and not about the dead US Capitol police defending the seat of our democracy.

Hannity kept defending Traitor Trump by repeating his milquetoast words about being peaceful when in every report and the speech we all saw, Trump wanted absolute chaos at the Capitol.

Geraldo continued, “You saw unfolding before your very eyes an attack on democracy, an attack on the Constitution …an attack on the United States of America.”

Scum Dan Bongino didn’t comment on Hannity’s message and instead attacked Geraldo personally.

Hannity, Kilmeade, Ingraham, Don Jr. all knew what Trump let happen was an assault on the US Constitution.

Their own words hang them out to dry.

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