Israel Regrets Coaxing Trump To Pull Out Of JCPOA

Israel Regrets Coaxing Trump To Pull Out Of JCPOA

Three years after Trump bowed down to most craven voices in the GOP, and left the JCPOA, many former defense advisors from Israel admit it was a huge mistake.

During Traitor Trump’s presidency, much of what he did was solely intended to undo any progress President Obama made, and on the international level, this included an agreement on climate change, and a massive Iranian nuclear deal.

Spurred on by Netanyahu, Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding nuclear weapons (JCPOA) and replaced it with virtually nothing.

Here’s an excerpt from an article written two years after the deal was scrapped: A Worthless Withdrawal

President Trump withdrew from the JCPOA promising that he could create a better deal and a safer world. He has nothing to show for it now, other than increased U.S. isolation on the global stage and an Iranian government that is closer to a nuclear capability. His maniacal need to follow through on a campaign promise has not only proven to be a worthless gesture, it is now clear that it was a reckless act that has made this country less safe.

Netanyahu used this is a PR victory and so did Trump, who kowtowed to the most extreme and radical Republicans in the US to ditch the JCPOA.

As a few years have passed, reneging on the JCPOA has now gone down for both leaders as a George Bush-level “Mission Accomplished” moment.

Haaretz reports that Netanyahu’s former Mossad chief, defense minister, and Yossi Cohen admitted it was a mistake, and former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who was against the original deal, said it would have been much better to stay in the JCPOA.

Anshel Pfeffer rewound to May 2018, asking if “once they signed the JCPOA, it would have been better to stick with it?”

Moshe Ya’alon replied, “It was a mistake for sure. I claimed it even before the decision. I published an article about it. A warning, the United States shouldn’t have withdrawn from the JCPOA…”

The United States media is so focused on horse race politics, and optics, they refuse to look back on the many mistakes the Trump administration has made that have bled into 2021.

Most sane people, even the hawks of the Netanyahu administration are admitting now that the Iran Nuclear deal was a good thing. China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States—plus Germany and the EU should not have been canceled out by the narcissistic buffoon.

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