Italian 'No Vax' Leader Repents After Getting COVID

Italian 'No Vax' Leader Repents After Getting COVID

After almost dying, Lorenzo Damiano has now ‘seen the light,’ telling reporters “Get this vaccine because it will save your life.” This joker was about as anti-vax as it gets so now of course he’s been denounced by the anti-vax movement in Italy and elsewhere as a heretic.

The video above is in Italian but if you click on captions and choose English you’ll get a rough translation of what he’s saying.


A prominent No Vax leader in northern Italy has had a ‘conversion’ after being hospitalised for a week in Treviso with severe complications linked to covid-19.

Lorenzo Damiano, a member of the Norimberga 2 anti-vaxxer movement, tested positive for coronavirus after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje at the start of November, and ended up being treated with oxygen in sub-intensive care.

The 56-year-old had in the past dismissed covid as just a flu and blasted the Italian government’s Green Pass regulations and its “health dictatorship” coronavirus restrictions.

However he ‘saw the light’ during his time in hospital, posting a video online in which he says he now “has another view of this world”, adding: “I will get the vaccine as soon as I can.”


novaxx leader Lorenzo Damiano ends up in hospital with severe covid19, escapes death and changes his mind. He now tells everyone to get vaccinated

— Irene Tosetti (@itosettiMD_MBA) December 1, 2021

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