It's Opposite Day On The Laura Ingraham Show

It's Opposite Day On The Laura Ingraham Show

Insurrection denier Julie Kelly is a real piece of work.

So of course, she has a seat on Laura Ingraham’s White Power Hour.

Kelly looked at the camera with a straight face and said Nancy Pelosi used the US Capitol police as a political weapon against the insurrectionists on January 6th.


Then she described the riot as a disturbance, in an effort to start a war on terror against the political right.

Ingraham played video of Rep. Troy Nehls on Tucker Carlson, who is claiming Speaker Pelosi is using the Capitol police to investigate him.

Ingraham asked Kelly to respond. Julie Kelly has been writing QAnon conspiracies about the attack on the US Capitol on January 6 for a site called American Greatness which makes her an expert to Ingraham.

Kelly replied, “Absolutely, and she has been using the Capitol Police, she used them on January 6th. In some instances, they were attacking protesters. In other instances, they were letting hundreds of them into the building.”

Kelly claims the j6 insurrection was nothing more than a “ four-hour disturbance on Capitol Hill as a pretext to unleash this war on terror against Americans on the political right, and this goes from everyone from Donald Trump to congressmen down to regular Americans who walked into the building for 10 or 15 minutes.”

Sure, the many hundreds of MAGA voters that stormed the Capitol were just taking a look-see around the building.

Fox News has turned almost completely into OANN.

Republicans are always being victimized. That’s their one constant.

This is gaslighting. Republicans hunted politicians in the halls of Congress while killing US Capitol police officers as they were trying to overthrow a new duly elected president. Never forget.

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