Jen Psaki Slams Republicans For Whining About Infrastructure

Jen Psaki Slams Republicans For Whining About Infrastructure

Jen Psaki must have thought she’d died and gone to heaven, because a reporter had an answer for her when she asked “Who said that?” Then after answering her questions with clearly prepared responses, he continued on with his question, framing it in the proper context without parroting disingenuous GOP talking points.

“A number of Florida Republicans have complained about the implementation of the new infrastructure law,” began the reporter, when Psaki jumped in with her very appropriate question, “Who?”

“Well, certainly Governor DeSantis, Senator Rubio,” he answered. Before he could continue, though, she wanted to know more specifics.

“What are their complaints? I haven’t even seen them,” she said.

Completely on top of his game, the reporter answered, “Well, among the things they’ve complained about is they’ve suggested the state was shortchanged on bridge funding, that it should have gotten a bigger distribution.” He continued, “They complain that the Everglades funding that was announced the other week should have been higher.”

Then, in a rare moment of correctly damning perspective from a member of the White House press corps, he asked, “Coming from Senators Rubio, Scott, and members of the House delegation who voted against the bill, does the White House have any response to lawmakers who opposed the bill in the first place complaining that their share of the bill isn’t high enough?”

I’m sure if someone had provided Psaki with a couch, she’d have fainted. When was the last time something like THIS happened in her press shop?

“It’s pretty rich, isn’t it?” she responded. “I would say first, I think the Everglades funding, I don’t have it in front of me, but I believe it’s in the billions, if I’m correct. You may have the exact number.”

“One billion.” he told her.

Be still, my heart.

“Okay,” she continued. “There is also an enormous, I mentioned a little bit about this yesterday, about 90% of the competitive funding that’s available will go to localities, territories, others who can apply for it, and that’s why we put out this big book just a few days ago, so people know the criteria where they can apply for that funding.”

Then Psaki referenced Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s now famous quip, “They vote no, but take the dough.”

Psaki noted the hypocrisy of the GOP, saying, “[E]ven if you vote against it, you still want the money? We’ve seen that over the course of time. That speaks to how political a lot of these votes were. This is funding that will help rebuild a lot of these communities, and the president will certainly be making clear who was with him and who wasn’t with him.”

Exactly. It’s not like they voted against the bill because they thought there wasn’t enough funding in it for the Everglades and other hard infrastructure. They were against it because they said it was too expensive. Now they’re whining that they didn’t get enough of whatever money is being distributed via a bill they railed against, which they truly only voted against because their sole motivation is to create political gridlock to make Biden look bad.


In the meantime, what a breath of fresh air to have a reporter who knows how to ask and answer questions in that room for a change.

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