Klan Mom Says America 'Too Soft' To Have An Insurrection Over Vaccines

Klan Mom Says America 'Too Soft' To Have An Insurrection Over Vaccines

Marjorie Taylor Greene told Steve Bannon that the country is too soft to violently protest against vaccine mandates.

Supporting the Canadian truck drivers causing havoc against vaccines excites Republican lunatics like Bannon and Greene, and they’re getting their hopes up for a violent uprising.

With her Southern twang, Greene says, “Well I think America’s soft, If I have to be honest.”

When are you ever honest, Marge?

I thought America was the greatest and toughest nation on God’s green grass!

She continued, “We’ve never truly suffered at the hands of government abuse and overreach.”

Greene is obviously confused, because that has been the basis for Republican outrage since the 1980s.

Oh, wait, she forgot to mention “Communists” in her rant. Is she slipping?

“By tyrannical government. Communism,” Marge said adding the topping to her conspiracy cake.

“Americans don’t know what to do, they’re frozen in fear,” Greene said.

Over 200 million Americans have been vaccinated, and none of them seem to be trembling in their boots or frozen in fear as a result. Only the anti-vaxxer muppets that Greene supports suffer from this fear.

Then Greene got to the real point she wanted to make.

Greene said, “I think many of them, I think are afraid, based on how the pretrial January 6 defendants are being treated.”

Marge is saying she hopes for massive destruction by Republicans over vaccines, but because these seditious criminals were arrested for ransacking the U.S. Capitol and leaving Capitol Police dead in their wake, this is holding them back.

I’d say, good job arresting these traitors.

Hopefully, Marge is next.

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