Larry Kudlow: 'Joe Manchin Is A Genius!'

Larry Kudlow: 'Joe Manchin Is A Genius!'

Former Trump “economic” advisor (yeah), Larry Kudlow, who was wrong about everything, told Fox News that Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is a genius just like Elon Musk.

Why, you ask? Because Manchin has been holding up the Build Back Better bill.

Kudlow would like everyone to forget that the pandemic that started under his purview disrupted the entire world and its supply chain, which is a major reason inflation has struck.

He praised the Senator from West Virginia for using that inflation panic as a cudgel to try and blunt the BBB bill.

Kudlow, “[Manchin] he has been warning about inflation…he’s the guy saying ‘no more spending’ because that creates inflation.”

The rampant spending during Traitor Trump’s administration added 2 trillion dollars to the federal debt.

Kudlow continued, “The guy’s a genius — he’s almost as smart as Elon Musk.”

With his words being garbled, Kudlow went off on a Musk tangent and decided Elon should run the Federal Reserve board.

Sure thing, Larry.

Have a cold one on me.

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