LOL!  Fox Segment Dies As Guest Touts Record Holiday Sales

LOL! Fox Segment Dies As Guest Touts Record Holiday Sales

Fox News’ Steve Doocy fell flat on his face Thursday, trying to claim Biden shouldn’t be happy.

Turns out Christmas was not derailed after all.

For months now right-wing media and Republicans in Congress have been pretending the pandemic, including the supply chain crisis, was all the fault of the White House, in order to pummel the Biden administration.

On Wednesday, President Biden announced that “the once predicted crisis didn’t occur, packages are moving, gifts are being delivered, shelves are not empty…”

Fox News flashed years-old photos of empty shelves in stores, and supermarkets being decimated.

This morning Fox and Friends decided to bring on Christopher Conner, the CEO of the American Association of Port Authorities, to agree with them that Biden shouldn’t be taking a “victory lap” just two days before Christmas Eve.

“Isn’t it a little too early?”

Conner said he reported to President Biden about supply chain disruptions and said nobody was taking a victory lap.

Conner then said, “This is a key data point… the National Retailers Federation put out a report, “2021 will be the best holiday season ever with sales of Christmas goods eleven and a half percent above what they were in 2020.”

That is terrible news, for Fox.

“We’re a long way from declaring victory over the supply chain crisis, but obviously there’s been some incredible work done and some great collaboration to keep goods moving through this crisis,” Conner stated.

Doocy, scrambling to refute those great words, veered off, attacking the efficiency of US ports and the infrastructure bill.

Conner said, “We’re pretty excited about the infrastructure signed on the fifteenth of November. It includes significant monies for the ports!”

My pal Colby Hall writes, “Acting as if he didn’t hear his guest reveal the good news, Doocy cued up b-roll of ships stuck at sea from who knows when, adding a touch of grey to the silver tidings of joy provided by his guest.

So, the answer to the opening rhetorical question appears to be a resounding “no.” It doesn’t matter if a crisis is real, opinion programming can just make shit up and ignore the facts.:”

Exactly, when their conspiracies and hyperventilating lies don’t pan out, they move on.

Sad to see a network that pretends to be pro-America desperate to celebrate bad tidings, especially during the holiday season.

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