LOL Tom Cotton Has His Butt Handed To Him On The Senate Floor

LOL Tom Cotton Has His Butt Handed To Him On The Senate Floor

A nice takedown from Jeanne Shaheen last night, and on the Senate floor, too.

And no one deserves it more than Tom Cotton. Never forget that Tom was the author of the 47 Traitors letter, attempting outside of his Constitutional duties to negotiate around Barack Obama with the Iranians.

In 2015, Tom Cotton penned a letter to the Iranian government contradicting the legitimate negotiations of President Obama. And had 47 Republican colleagues sign it. Never forget. #47Traitors

— Frances Langum 🧶 (@bluegal) December 3, 2021

So last night, during a Senate debate, Cotton returned to form, publicly attacking foreign policy to score political points.

But at one moment he slipped — having the blind audacity to suggest that Joe Biden was “appeasing Vladimir Putin at every turn.”

OH REALLY. Did it look anything like this, Tom?

And here’s a picture of Trump with Putin after he was owned by him in Helsinki. After their secret meeting. After he said he believes that Putin didn’t interfere with our election despite ALL of our Intelligence agencies saying otherwise because Putin denied it “very strongly”.🙄

— Loliz😷 (@Loliz) March 26, 2019

And then Tom suggested that “Democratic senators will not force” Biden to be tough on Russia.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen had had enough.

“I just have to take real umbrage at your suggestion Senator Cotton. I’m the one who Vladimir Putin refused a visa to get into Russia because of my opposition to Russia and to what Putin was doing,” she said.

“He didn’t deny you a visa to get into the country. So don’t talk to me about how I’ve not been tough enough on Russia, because that dog won’t hunt.”

Ooh, maybe Tom will write a letter to Putin and negotiate directly in a totally unconstitutional way, since that seems to be his jam.

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