McCarthy Accuses Democrats Of Trying To 'Steal Another Four Seats' In The House

McCarthy Accuses Democrats Of Trying To 'Steal Another Four Seats' In The House

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy with a big heaping helping of projection on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, complaining about the other side gerrymandering Congressional districts. Pot, meet kettle. Here he is whining that the other side hasn’t politically disarmed and is doing what they can to hang onto their slim majority in the House.

BARTIROMO: Why do you think Nancy Pelosi says she’s running again? I mean, here you have what almost 30 resignations or retirements happening on the democrat side, or seeking other office. You’ve got a new Gallup survey saying American’s political party preference is a shifting to Republican and yet the Speaker came out and said yes, she will run for reelection. Do you believe she will?

MCCARTHY: I believe she will. She said it because she’s hungry for power. Remember what else is happening right now, redistricting. We’re watching whats happening in New York was so egregious that forever gerrymandering will be known as Jerry Nadler’s district.

Where they’re actually taking who they want. Where they’re going to steal another four seats. The reason why Nancy Pelosi announced she’s gonna’ run and now they’re stealing elections in different places by redistricting and gerrymandering these, she believes she can win, even though overwhelmingly the public says they want a change. They want a secure border. They want to end inflation. They want safe and secure streets, but the Democratic policies are causing most of this problem.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, we’ve got this map here and by the way, president Trump reacted to this, saying that the Republicans are getting… here’s what president Trump said, “Republicans are getting absolutely creamed with the phony redistricting going all over the country. Even the fake New York Times is having a hard time believing how ridiculous things have gotten.”

This is the map that New York has been redrawn to give more territory to Jerry Nader. How does this happen?

MCCARTHY: Well, you know what has happened, you had Eric Holder and Barack Obama going to the last decade and run Democrats, left-leaning Democrats or state supreme courts, and they are upholding this egregious maps. Even the left-leaning Brennan Center says it’s wrong. 538 says it’s egregious.

Nobody stands with this map except the Democrats and it’s interesting that they started doing the extreme gerrymandering after Nancy Pelosi announced she was going to run for reelection. They cannot win on merit and their policies, and now they want to rig the system to be able to keep control of the power.

That is why we need everyone to join with us. Go to Do not allow this to happen. Let’s make sure you have a fair election.

Apparently the only gerrymandering Republicans like is when red states do it. Blue states, not so much. It would be nice if we didn’t see this go on anywhere, but until the law changes where the entire country has to follow the same rules, Democrats aren’t going to cede any ground to Republicans, nor should they.

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