Spineless Rubio Refuses To Directly Contradict Trump

Spineless Rubio Refuses To Directly Contradict Trump

GOP Florida Sen. Marco Rubio claimed to agree with Mike Pence about the certification of the presidential election, but was still afraid to directly contradict Dear Leader. Here’s Rubio refusing to say the words “Trump was wrong” when asked by Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan if that’s what he believes if he truly sides with Pence.

Rubio also refused to directly contradict Ronna Don’t-Call-Me-Romney McDaniel and the RNC and their censure calling the January 6th attack “legitimate political discourse.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: We begin with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio. He is in Miami. Senator, we invited you to come on the show to talk about China. I want to get there, but I have to start here. Do you agree with Mike Pence?

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO: Well, if President Trump runs for re-election, I believe he would defeat Joe Biden, and I don’t want Kamala Harris to have the power as vice president to overturn that election, and I don’t- that’s the same thing that I concluded back in January of 2021. You know, when that issue was raised, I looked at it, had analyzed it and came to the same conclusion that vice presidents can’t simply decide not to certify an election.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So Donald Trump was wrong?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Well, as I said, I just don’t think a vice president has that power because if the vice president has that power, Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden in four years or two years, and then Kamala Harris can decide not- to overturn the election. I don’t want to wind up there.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Right. So yes, so this appears a turning point for the party, though. Does the RNC speak for you when it says that this is a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse. Was January 6th legitimate political discourse?

SEN. RUBIO: Well, anybody who committed crimes on January 6th should be prosecuted. If you entered the Capitol and you committed acts of violence and you were there to hurt people, you should be prosecuted and they are being prosecuted. But the January 6th commission is not the place to do this. That’s what prosecutors are supposed to do. This commission is a partisan scam. They’re going after- they’re- the purpose of that commission is to try to embarrass and smear and and harass as many Republicans as–

MARGARET BRENNAN: That’s what you believe–

SEN. RUBIO: –they can get their hands on.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –your two Republican colleagues are doing? Liz Cheney–

SEN. RUBIO: Well I believe–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –and Adam Kinzinger?

SEN RUBIO: –that’s what the commission is doing. Well, let me tell you, I know that’s what the commission is doing because they’re focused well beyond January 6th. There are people, for example, like in an older member of the RNC whose husband just died and she wasn’t even in Washington on January 6th–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But that’s not what the censure said.

SEN RUBIO: But she signed some papers. No, but well, I’m sure it is because that’s what- she- she- she wasn’t even in Washington on January 6th. She can’t afford to lawyer up, and she’s being harassed by this commission. This commission is nothing but a partisan tool designed to go out and smear and attack and get their hands on as many people as they can, including people that weren’t in Washington on January 6th.

MARGARET BRENNAN: OK, sounds like you say they do speak for you. Let’s get to China.

They speak for all of them. The Democrats need to hang that “legitimate political discourse” remark around all of their necks in campaign ads from now until the midterm elections. Make them own it.

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